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We are Gilda Company and this is to briefly introduce our peerless products. We at Gilda Company produce and export the variety type of Dates, such as Mazafatiy, Zahedi, Piarom ( Maryami date), Sayer, etc. and processed forms like Chopped Dates and Dates Paste. We proudly present our amazing products in the most up-to-date and equipped Dates processing company in the country through our different international branches in Iran, Australia, India and Turkey to our customers worldwide. Gildas product and services passed health and food safety certifications such as HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and FDA.
Gilda Company has adopted the policy of wining the trust of the end users in a way that Gilda Dates brand is well known in neighbor countries such as Iraqi Kurdistan, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, and Pakistan.

iran dates

Special sale of Iran’s first class mazafati dates and chopped dates bulk Send to all over the world

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